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Our Mission

Our mission is to combine innovative solutions and seamless applications to constantly protect your business from all cyber-security threats, granting you peace of mind and uninterrupted business.

Our Vision

Our focus on innovative security and cyber threat intelligence solutions allows us to stay one step ahead of the hackers, ensuring our vigilance and your protection is constant.

Our Story

&How Intelligence, founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs and cyber security specialists provides cyber threat intelligence and information security strategies for the present and future business needs of our clients.  We view our clients as our associates and strive for their success as ardently as we do our own. Our reputation is based upon on-time delivery, high standards and extensive follow-through support.

&How Intelligence is unique among its competitors, we participate at any level of a project. Our organization is comprised of a highly skilled team with practical hands-on experience in a wide range of industry sectors and security environments. This experience, coupled with the knowledge of emerging technologies, enables our consultants to find and implement the most cost-effective method of fulfilling your goals with minimum disruption to your business.

Our leadership and management teams comprise of highly-experienced business, technology leaders, entrepreneurs and security experts with decades of experience in creating cutting-edge solutions. 

The technology used to serve our clients was originally designed for use in law enforcement and intelligence communities, it is the very cutting-edge of service offerings that any cyber firm can have on offer.  

In order to deliver a wide variety of high-value, differentiated Technology Risk solutions, &How Intelligence integrates its expertise with leading technology and security partners and organizations.

Experienced Leadership

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