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Our Offerings

Penetration Testing

The pen test attempts to pierce the armor of an organization's cyber defenses, checking for exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, web apps, and user security.

Policy Compliance

Policy compliance within the information security space can be an exhausting concept to wrap our heads around. We help organizations craft security and IT policies to reduce risk while adhering to market regulations. 


Computer forensic investigation and analysis techniques gather and store digital evidence from any device.

Incident Response

Incident response to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security data breach, ransomware or any other cyberattack (incident)


Information security consulting to protect your business from a security breach.

Application Assessment & Code Review

Manual and/or automated review of an application’s source code to identify security-related weaknesses/flaws, as well as providing advice as to how to harden the application.  

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities to provide a real-time state of your network’s health.

Business Continiuty

We help you to prepare for disruptive events - whether those events might include a cyber threat, hurricane or simply a power outage.

Security Awareness Training

Comprehensive training for your employees on how to identify potential and prevent fraud attempts.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well your company's staff and networks, applications, and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.

Data Management

AI and Data Management have a symbolic relationship.  We work with your teams to design processes to embed AI into your data management tools, in turn simplifying, structuring, optimizing and automating processes related to data quality, governance and metadata management. 

AI Model Design & Architecture

We aid in concept development, solution discovery and resource estimation to help get your first AI system into production and off to a successful start.  

AI Training

We run specialized training workshops for business executives to better understand the scope and impact that AI can bring to your business without overindulging in too much technical speak.  The training program also covers the ethics and governance of implementing AI in your organization.  

Technology Risk Management

We don’t use a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to information security. Every project and organization we work with is different. We meticulously assess your specific needs before presenting a detailed plan to protect your technology without impeding your business.


Our innovative, in-house developed solutions are carefully tailored to those unique needs. Whether it is client information, trade intelligence or business strategy, only approved eyes should have access.


&How Intelligence drives business growth by developing cutting-edge threat recognition, isolation and extraction technology. Our products and services provide organizations with the critical insight required to identify threats and provide rapid responses and resolutions.


Commonly overlooked is the hazard that comes from within an organization. Rogue employees and unauthorized personnel are an internal danger to your network infrastructure. At &How Intelligence, we don't just protect you from external risks but also any internal threats if applicable to your business.

Design Workshops

These workshops are meant for ideation purposes with technical and leadership teams.  There are mainly 8 factors that govern human behavior and many organizations have access to some or multiple of these factors which are self-contained within the organization locked up in departmental silos.  The design workshop helps organizations understand the need to break down departmental silos and to help unlock the data contained within, with clear use cases.  

Maximizing Return On Technology Investments

At &How Intelligence we examine your entire IT ecosystem, the security thresholds, the probability of an attack and its potential impact on your business. We drill down into the lifeblood of your technology, looking at its DNA, dissecting it and quantifying the value it creates for your business. &How works to increase value through security, leading to a clear return on cost.

We strive to find an equilibrium between security and your organization’s compliance targets. Finding this balance enables business objectives to be executed faster and produces the most value from your security investments.

Technology makes businesses function faster and smoother but securing your systems from third-party threats is equally as important. We believe that security drives enterprise value.

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